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As the faces behind the award winning online educational resource for Mathematics, 10ticks.co.uk, we are extremely passionate about education.

Made by teachers for teachers, our system provides you with a free and invaluable resource to make your life easier!

By creating an account, you will be able to determine your students' individual, and group's collective multiple intelligence levels. Our tool will make it a lot easier to see and incorporate more targeted activities that will make learning (and teaching!) even more of an enjoyable experience.

Tired of constant marking?

You will also be able to create and set homework for your class(es) without the inconvenience of marking!!! How? Our new Homework Hub area allows you to create, and recycle other teachers' quizzes to set before submitting them to your class for homework...and it marks it for you!

A great way to connect with the kids where only cool teachers need apply!

Free Classroom Material!

Bonus time! Every now and again, such as at Christmas and Easter, we like to celebrate by giving our members even more free stuff! As a teacher or parent, you'll have access to free seasonal worksheet packs, and shareware areas.

There's loads more too! For more detailed information on BoffinSquad, the Homework Hub, Multiple Intelligences and everything in-between, see our FAQ.

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